Genius Sports Launches the First-Ever BetVision Live Video Player Including NFL Games

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Genius Sports Limited, the exclusive distributor of NFL Official League Data and live game video streams, has launched the BetVision sports wagering product to bring live streams and typical betting features together.  This interactive platform will facilitate customers to place bets in a unique manner for the first time immediately upon the announced BetVision’s US launch scheduled to include NFL live games.

Premiere Betting Experience:

Acoording to the Genius Sports, BetVision will enable sportsbook customers to place bets in the live video player in the sportsbook app for the first time ever. These live game video streams include betting features but these will reportedly be enhanced by in-game and on-screen features to be kept up to date and simultaneously be boosting player experience.

Impeccable Viewing Experience:

NFL live games are reportedly available on mobile and tablet devices. These include a wide array of data-driven insights and visualizations featured by impeccable graphic solutions that are already used across a range of sports betting partners across the North American market. The BetVision player is also available for customization to the user’s preferences in terms of the viewing experience and this feature is expected to drive player engagement another level up.

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Reputable Partners for Initial US Launch:

The US launch of the product will initially include Caesars Sportsbook and Fanatics Sportsbook, the leading sports wagering operators that will stream both nationally distributed NFL games and those available locally over the entire 2023 NFL season. As the season rolls out, new features will reportedly be added.

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The partnership between Genius Sports and NFL brought the distributor the status of the League’s exclusive partner for the Genius’ proprietary statistics and data products and live game video streams. The latest launch will also marks a milestone for Caesars and Fanatics as they will first operate the premium BetVision product to ramp up their competitive advantage. At the same time, the distributor will reinforce its superior presence in the data distribution mainstream of the US sports wagering market.

New Era of Sports Betting Experiences

Brent Lawton, VP Business Development & Strategic Investments of the NFL reportedly said: “We’re very pleased to be Genius’ first BetVision content partner as they continue to be on the cutting edge of sports betting experiences. BetVision allows us to create a differentiated way for fans to engage with NFL content.”

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports reportedly commented: “BetVision is leading a new era of immersive sports experiences. The launch brings together our capabilities across data tracking, video streaming, live data and sports wagering to create a game-changing product for sportsbooks.”

Locke added: ”Sports fans and bettors alike increasingly demand personalized interaction, greater customization and deeper insights combined with an ability to strike a bet seamlessly. BetVision alone offers precisely that, while giving sportsbooks a new way to drive engagement and accelerate the growth of in-game betting.”

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